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It might not seem like the most important business decision that you are ever going to make, but the truth is, shredding is an important consideration for any business. The thing about shredding is that it takes care of the personal and private paper-based information that you retain for your customers and clients. It also helps to ensure that you are not bogged down with lots of things that need to be filed away.

Many businesses think that it is better to take care of their shredding themselves in-house, however it may actually make more business sense to outsource your shredding. To help show you why, we’ve put together 4 key business benefits to outsourcing your shredding.


You Will Be Fully Compliant With The GDPR

If you own a business, then chances are that you will have heard about GDPR and how important it is to keep on the right side of this regulation. Every single business in the UK, no matter their size or industry, must comply with the rules set out within GDPR, including those around the handling and destruction of personal and sensitive data. If you don’t, then you can find yourself with fines of as much as £500,000. When you outsource your shredding, you are going to receive written proof that you have complied with GDPR, which means that you have a full and traceable audit trail of how your customers’ data has been handled.


It Will Ensure That Your Customers Information Is Kept Private, Secure And Protected

This may sound very similar to the above, and in some ways it is, but one important thing about shredding is that it ensures that data that you hold as a part of your business is properly destroyed, without the risk of it being lost or stolen in the process. When you tackle it in-house, there is always room for error. However, if it’s outsourced then it will be completed by an expert, which means that your customers are also going to have peace of mind that their information is being handled properly.


It Will Help Your Employees Be More Productive

Whilst it may not seem like it takes a lot of time to shred something, if the pile that you need to shred gets bigger and bigger, then you are going to find that it takes a whole lot more time. If your staff are in charge of shredding their own documentation, then this is going to take them time and will stop them from focusing on other tasks that they may need to tackle. By outsourcing your shredding, you are freeing up their time and allowing them to ensure that they focus on your business growth instead.


Shredding Isn’t Just Confined To Paper

It’s common to think that shredding is all about the paper, however, the truth is, an expert shredding company is going to be able to take on a variety of materials. Whilst an office-based shredder will only be able to process paper, one that is based in a shredding company will be able to handle uniforms, marketing materials and even IT equipment that contains sensitive data.


At Greenaway, we specialize in helping business owners stay on top of their shredding needs, keeping their data safe and secure until it is destroyed. With our shredding consoles, your office will have a secure place to dispose of sensitive documentation until our shred-on-site service collects it, destroying it right in front of you, so you know everything has been done confidentially. We then provide you with a certificate of destruction, which proves your compliance with GDPR and gives you a clear auditable trail for sensitive data. To find out more, just get in touch with us today.