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If you’ve never used a shredding service before, you might not know that you don’t always have to take your paper to them. Shredding services might have started out as warehouses full of machines for customers to bring their paper to, but it has since evolved to produce mobile shredding. A mobile shredding service employs high spec shredding vans and lorries to do your shredding at your office or home, right in front of your eyes. So how do you know if you might need a mobile paper shredding service?


Your Staff Spend A Lot Of Time Shredding Paperwork

We don’t just mean 5 minutes to take care of a few documents, we mean staff wasting hours bent over the shredder every week to ensure you’re keeping up with data protection rules. In house shredding might sound like a good idea, but in reality it is likely to be costing your business money. Shredding paperwork is a time consuming task that wastes your most valuable resource, fully trained employees who could be generating money for your business. A mobile shredding solution means you don’t need to take any staff away from their desks to deal with document destruction, just train them to store those documents in the secure lockers provided and await collection and shredding by an external service.


You’ve Switched To A Digital Storage Solution

In the age of the paperless office, it’s becoming more and more common for businesses to switch to digital storage solutions in order to save space and time. While going digital will solve your space problems for the future, it still leaves you with piles of old paper records. Depending on your area of business, you could be left with a little bit of sensitive data, or piles of paperwork containing highly confidential client information. After you’ve completed the monumental task of transferring all of that data onto your digital storage, you need to get rid of it. Your basic office shredder isn’t going to cut it here. A mobile paper shredding service can deal with this paperwork backlog in one swift move, leaving your staff free to do their jobs instead of sweat over the shredder.


You Need Confidential Data Disposal 

Every business that deals with sensitive personal or business data about their clients needs to be aware of how they deal with that data when they are finished with it. Data protection laws dictate that you must meet with certain standards of destruction when it comes to this paperwork, so no recycling or even strip shredding. To ensure the maximum security for your confidential data you should use an external shredding company. Mobile shredding solutions are checked and regulated for security, and employ high quality, high security shredding machinery that is capable of effectively turning your documents to dust. It doesn’t get much more confidential than that.


You’re Running Out of Space

If your office keeps paper based records, odds are they are taking up a bit of space, especially given the statutes for how long certain types of files (like accounts) need to be kept for. You might have a steadily growing pile in a corner, an office dedicated to filing or even an entire level, depending on your business. But when was the last time you went through those boxes of paperwork and actually destroyed the bits that had been there way past their usefulness? Paperwork that is over 10 years old is unlikely to be of any real use to your business or your clients and instead should be destroyed to keep in line with data protection laws. A mobile shredding service can take care of large volumes of documents and back filing in one go, leaving you with more space in your offices.

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