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Shredding is one of those things that seems like it would be simple, but actually has a lot of different pitfalls. There are things you can do wrong things you can forget to do or just things that you didn’t know you needed to do. And you will reach a point where it is easier to outsource your shredding needs, instead of keeping them all in-house. Today, we’re going to share with you the top 5 signs that you need a mobile shredding service for your business.


You’re Concerned About The Disposal Of Confidential Data 

Personal data security is a pretty hot topic right now, particularly with the introduction of GDPR and it’ strict rules. If your business stores confidential information on anyone – a customer, a supplier or a trade partner – it’s likely that data security is a problem for you. The management, transfer and storage of paper files require careful planning and eventual disposal is essential, and must be done securely and in line with GDPR requirements. A mobile shredding service can help you achieve full compliance with GDPR without you having to lift a finger. You can’t get much better than that!


You’re Looking For Ways To Improve Your Ethical Business Credentials

In today’s world, customers want to buy from ethical companies, or those who follow ethical practices, particularly when it comes to their data. Companies with a strong ethical agenda outperform the average business, and find it easier to attract and retain the right staff. If your company takes its ethical obligations seriously, then a shredding service is right for you. We can ensure that your old paperwork is destroyed securely and stored ethically while awaiting shredding, and the resultant shreds are sent on to be recycled, contributing to your green initiatives across the board.


Your Staff Spend A Lot Of Time Shredding Paperwork 

Shredding is a time sink, especially if you’re doing it manually. Having an in-house shredder might sound like it will save you time and money, but in reality it will cost you both. Your valuable, highly trained staff have better things to be doing than sitting over a shredder feeding it paper, and forcing them to do so will do nothing but damage the productivity and performance of your employees. By using a mobile shredding service, you can free up your employees from this mindless manual task, and instead simply ensure your documents are deposited into a secure shredding console when not needed, instead of in a bin. It’s as easy as that!


Your Office Space Is At A Premium

If your office keeps paper-based records, or has kept such records in the past, document storage space is probably a concern for you. You might have a basement archive or storage unit that’s running out of room, or filing cabinets taking up much needed real-estate in your offices. A mobile shredding service gives you the ability to reduce the amount you need to store, getting rid of old documents that just don’t need to be kept any more. Mobile shredding units can take on huge volumes of paperwork in one go, emptying filing cabinets and freeing up archive space easily.


You’ve Recently Switched To Digital Storage

 It’s increasingly common for businesses and organisations to switch to a digital storage solution to save space and time. Going digital is likely to solve your storage space problems for the future, but what about your old paper records? If your business is in the legal, health, public services or property sectors, you’re likely to have a large paper archive, and many other businesses also generate substantial paper records. After the mammoth task of transferring those records to digital storage has been achieved, the next headache is what to do with old paper trail. The files are no longer necessary and are probably taking up much-needed space, but they’re also likely to contain confidential and sensitive information about your business and your clients. A mobile shredding service can destroy all of this documentation for you in minutes, when it would take a manual shredder hours or even days to complete.

At Greenaway, we operate a fleet of mobile shredding units, all of which are just waiting to destroy your confidential information for you. You don’t need to bring anything to us – we bring the industrial shredders directly to your offices. So all you need to do is ensure your documents are being stored securely until we arrive, and we can provide you with a certificate of destruction when we’re done. For more information, just get in touch with us today.