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Communities across the country have residents who actively recycle household materials. There are also businesses who participate in this process, looking to lower their environmental impact and live up to their green names. But along with reducing the amount of paper you use and making sure your office recycles plastic, what else can you do to be environmentally friendly? Well, you can recycle more for a start! Here are 5 surprising things found in the average office that can be recycled.


Hard Drives

Despite being chock full of sensitive data, hard drives and computers can be safely recycled into new technology. All you need to do is make sure you wipe the data from them and have them professionally destroyed. Companies like us can shred hard drives on a bulk or individual basis, and take the resulting electrical components to be recycled into new electrical parts.



If you’re having your office redecorated, one of the main things to change is the carpet. Office carpets see a lot of wear and tear, so it’s understandable that you would want to replace them once in a while. But instead of just throwing your old carpet and new offcuts into the tip, arrange for a carpet reclamation factory to come and collect it for recycling. This avoids sending bulky items that won’t decompose well to landfill, and encourages sustainable business practices.



Not all batteries fall into this category, but most office batteries can be recycled instead of thrown away. Rechargeable batteries can be recycled, along with single use batteries. Many supermarkets operate bins to deposit your batteries into, or you can arrange for one off deposits are recycling centres instead.


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

With on average 12 hours of use a day, business premises go through fluorescent light bulbs at a rate of knots. This is one of the more surprising items included in the recycling category. Many businesses now actively collect old fluorescent light bulbs and tubes for recycling purposes – so a quick online search should show you the nearest place to take them to.


Ink Cartridges

Like light bulbs, ink is a common disposable product bought in bulk by businesses. But instead of throwing them away when they are empty, take them to a recycling centre. These cartridges contain components used for printing and copying activities, and can be recycled into new cartridges or other components. In fact, many businesses provide their customers or staff with benefits for recycling ink cartridges.


So you see, there is much more around your office to recycle than drinks cans and old paper. For most of these things, a simple collection bin is all you need to do. It takes a while for these to fill, so you will only need to do a recycling run say, once a quarter. It’s little changes like this that really make the difference, and can turn you into an eco-friendly, green business. For more information, get in touch with the Greenaway team today.