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We talk a lot about shredding and protecting your data as a business owner, and that got us thinking. We work with a lot of start-ups and first time business owners who are looking to be as efficient as possible from the word go, so we pick up a lot of advice straight from the horse’s mouth. So in this post, we want to pass that advice on to you.


Focus On What’s Right, Not What’s There 

There is a huge temptation as a small startup to jump at every opportunity and run yourself ragged at every turn. It could be compromising on price, doing odd jobs that aren’t really in your area or even taking on too much at once. Juggling ventures like this only serves to split your focus, limit your productivity and affect your output. Instead of chasing every little opportunity that comes through the door, work by this age-old saying – ‘Do 1 thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly’.


Know Exactly What You Do – And Do It 

A lot of first time start-ups just jump straight into business because it looks like a great alternative to working for someone else. Starting your own business for hypothetical profit margins is never a good idea and is more likely to fail. Instead, build your business around what you are really good at. Doing something you not only enjoy but are incredibly talented at means you are not only more likely to be profitable, but also likely to enjoy it and watching it grow every day.


Streamline Your Messaging

If you can’t say what you do in 30 seconds or write it in 1 line then your aims are too diffuse – go back and start again. You always need to be ready to pitch your business at the drop of a hat, and spending 5 minutes explaining the intricacies of your business to a potential customer is just going to put them off. Fit the pitch to the person, but keep it clean, clean and concise.


Know What You Know, Know What You Don’t Know & Know Who Does

No one knows everything; so don’t strut around as if you do. Instead, know where your limits are and seek help from those who know a lot about what you don’t. surround yourself with mentors and advisors, successful business people who are willing to share their wisdom and see the value of working with you for the long term.


Act Like A Startup 

Unless you are a millionaire in your own right, no startup has the biggest offices and the fanciest cars. Leave the showing off for when you have the money to back it up. Instead, practice the art of being frugal and make every penny you spend count. If you can maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow well in the early days you are much more likely to succeed.


Learn As You Go 

No business plan is perfect, and there are always going to be hiccups along the way. Instead of giving up, learn from those mistakes and move on. Similarly, never jump into a new opportunity without planning, but don’t wait for years to set those plans in motion.


Take Care Of Yourself

This might sound a bit daft in a business article, but it’s maybe the most important advice we can give.  There is a temptation to work 13-hour days and never do anything else, but this is only going to damage your business, burning yourself out and leaving you with nothing to give the business. Maintain a healthy work life balance, keep yourself in good shape and eat well, your business will see the results.


We hope this information has been useful to you, and remember, whatever you choose to do, you will be successful if you believe in it and work hard. For information about shredding (let’s not forget what we’re all about!) get in touch with the team today.