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Depending on how long you’ve been with us, reading our exploits in the world of paper, you may have seen us mention click and collect shredding before. Thanks to online shopping, the term ‘click and collect’ has become commonplace, but when it’s applied to shredding it can confuse people a little. You see, at Greenaway we don’t just expect you to drop your paperwork off with us for shredding. While that might work if you just have 1 bag every now and then, for businesses who rack up several bags of paper a month it just isn’t practical. So instead, we created our ‘click and collect’ service, where you click and we collect. Here’s how it works.



You Order Your First Shredding Console 

First, you visit our website or give us a call and choose your shredding option. The most popular tend to be our bespoke shredding consoles. These are self contained waste disposal units specifically designed to securely store waste documents until they can be collected. It looks a lot like a bin, but it is fitted with a locking panel and a heightened lip and postage flap to prevent anyone from reaching in and taking your paperwork out. These consoles can either be bought for a one off cost or loaned out when you take out an ongoing collection contract. We will arrange a convenient time to deliver the console to your home or office and fit it with an internal shredding sack.


Fill The Console

Once your console has been delivered, you can start using it right away. Simply drop your paperwork and documents into the console, instead of the recycling bin. Try to encourage your employees to use the console as a replacement for recycling when it comes to paper. Any document containing sensitive data should be placed into the console. This could be anything from a draft contract that’s no longer correct to a piece of junk mail with your address and account number on it. Anything that identifies you, a client or a supplier should be placed in the console when it’s no longer needed. This is not only more secure for everyone, but it helps you fulfil your obligations to safely handle and dispose of confidential data.


Arrange For A Pickup 

When you notice that your console is nearly full, you can then call us to arrange a pick up time. If you are on a recurring contract, we will already have discussed set pick up times with you. These are completely flexible, and can be changed depending on how much waste paper you are producing. Even if we have agreed to pick up from you once a week, if you realise you might need an extra pick up that week, give us a call and we can come and collect it. When we arrive to pick up the paper, we will open the console and remove the sack from inside. We will then replace it with a new, empty sack and lock the unit again, ready for use straight away.


Start All Over Again

Now your console is empty and you can start using it to store waste documents again. What happens next depends on your preferences as a customer. We can either take the sack away with us, transport it to one of our secure facilities and shred the contents, or we can shred it right there, in front of you, at your premises. To do this we use one of our fleet of mobile shredding vans, which are specially equipped with state of the art secure shredding machines. We can feed the paperwork directly into the shredder as you watch, so your paperwork never leaves the premises in one piece. This is a popular option, as it gives you peace of mind watching your documentation being destroyed. In both instances, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction, which serves as legal proof that your documents were destroyed in a secure fashion in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


And that’s it! Click and collect shredding really is a simple and easy process, and from your end all it takes is a few clicks to keep it going. If you are interested in starting click and collect shredding, or you would like to find out more about what we do, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer any questions you have about the shredding process.