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There has always been a lot of discussion around the best way to store confidential documents before they are destroyed. Some believe that it should be shredded as it becomes obsolete instead of being stockpiled. Other disagree, saying that this would create an almost endless stream of shredding, and it would require a full time member of staff to do nothing but shred all day, every day.  A popular option has been to use outside shredding services to destroy confidential information in bulk, but this leaves the problem of storing the paperwork in a secure way before it is taken away. Many shredding companies provided bags to store and collect materials ready for shredding, but in recent years this has become less popular. Instead, shredding consoles have become the new solution for secure storage.

What Is A Shredding Console?

 Shredding consoles are ideal for any office space that collects medium or large amount of paper that needs to be securely destroyed. More specifically, any office that deals with confidential or sensitive information needs to be able to destroy any unneeded documents with the same security levels they were created with. After all, ‘confidential waste’ is still confidential information. A shredding console is a highly reinforced and secure, lockable unit that confidential paperwork can be stored in before it is shredded. By storing it in a secure unit, you are reducing risk across the different areas of your premises and ensuring sensitive information can’t be lost or stolen.

 Why Are Consoles Better Than Bags?

 The biggest and perhaps most obvious advantage of using a shredding console instead of a bag to store your documents awaiting destruction is the security aspect. A bag is very easy to simply pick up and walk away with, and often people won’t think twice about someone walking out of the office with a bin bag. A console however can be kept inside a lockable office, and is itself solid and lockable.

But it’s not just security that makes shredding consoles superior. The average shredding storage bag can hold 15kg of paper before it needs to be tied off and put in a corner to await collection. If you get through a lot of paper, this could mean a lot of bags piling up in-between collections. Our shredding consoles however, can hold around 40kg, over twice the amount a bag can manage. This means that there is no reason that all of your waste paper can’t be stored in the console and destroyed together, eliminating the risk of sensitive materials falling into the general waste or recycle bins.  What’s more, shredding consoles are provided completely free of charge to all of our customers. We will provide a state of the art console in a colour of your choice (to match your office colour scheme) and install it for you, so all you have to do is fill it with paper and lock it behind you. We will visit at a time and frequency to suit you to collect the paper. It is destroyed using our off site shredding machines or mobile shredding units, and you will be given a certificate of destruction.

If you are still using bags to store your paperwork ready for shredding, then it you will understand the storage problems this can cause. By installing a shredding console in your offices, you are providing an unobtrusive and unobvious place to store your sensitive paperwork reducing the risk of theft or loss. For more information or to apply for your free console and installation, get in touch today.