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Landfill is no place for items that could end up in the wrong hands – particularly your products. Whether it’s faulty, counterfeit out of date or simply contains the wrong messaging, we can take care of any sensitive or defective items, destroying them and keeping your reputation and brand intact. But have you ever wondered by, instead of throwing away your products, you should be destroying them?


Why Should I Destroy Old Products?

Here is a real world example of how not destroying your products or promotional merchandise can go horribly wrong. Say you run a gaming business, and one of your suppliers issued you and your staff with a set of limited edition hoodies, which were to be worn by staff until a set date and returned. Now imagine one of those hoodies was left in the store, and an employee decided to take it home. Then the employee realises that the rest of the hoodies were destroyed, making the one they have extremely valuable, so they sell it. After a week, the police turn up in your store. There have been a string of local robberies in the town committed by a person wearing one of the promotional hoodies from your store. As these were only for staff, they assume it is one of your employees. Your reputation and trustworthiness are instantly in question, and you end up with some serious reputational damage.


Or in another scenario, you receive a complaint from a customer complaining that the products some sold them are fake. On closer inspection, you realise they are indeed counterfeit, but that you didn’t sell the products to them. If those products were allowed to remain in your store, or even be placed into a bin, another employee may pick them up and mix them in with the rest of your stock, creating reputational damage and preventing you from being able to trace who created the copies. In general, products

One of the most important areas for product destruction is pharmaceuticals. When you are dealing with chemicals, there is always a demand on various black markets, and people are not above rummaging through bins outside such stored looking for out of date or discarded medication. In order to keep the public and your brand reputation safe, any medication or pharmaceutical style product should be destroyed. In general, products that can no longer be sold for any reason should be destroyed in order to protect your brand identity, your reputation and your business.


What Should I Destroy?

If you are a business dealing in products in any way, old, fake or out of date products is the good rule of thumb here. A few examples are:

  • Expired makeup
  • Outdated software installation disks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Damaged goods
  • Product samples
  • Products with contaminated packaging
  • Branded goods


How Does It Get Destroyed?

The best way to ensure the full destruction of old, counterfeit or faulty products is to have them securely shredded. At Greenaway we can process and shred large volumes of waste products for your business. Whether you bring them to us in carrier bags or in pallets or skips, we can help you destroy unneeded products securely and safely. You can either arrange to have your products delivered to one of our many UK shredding facilities, or you we can have one of our mobile shredding lorries come to you. On-site product destruction is one of our more popular options, as you don’t need to do any heavy lifting or moving, and you can see your products being destroyed while still on your premises.


To find out more about our secure product destruction service, you can read more here or get in touch with the team today for your free consultation