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When we live in such a digital age, it’s easy to forget how much paper we actually use. The focus is on virtual information, digital data and keeping it safe behind closed doors, away from criminals. And while it is incredibly important, it’s not the only consideration when it comes to business security, compliance and customer friendly business practices. We still use a huge amount of paper in our daily lives, and no more so than in the workplace. This means that, despite the digital revolution, paper shredding still plays an important role in business security.



Helping Your Customers Trust You


Customer trust is the foundation of good relationships and a good reputation in the marketplace. Today, customers are more informed about their rights when it comes to their data, and they want to work with businesses who value their privacy as much as they do. They are more likely to ask you how you plan to handle their data, and how you will dispose of it when you’re done. Ultimately, they want to know if they can trust you with their data. If you can demonstrate that you not only understand how valuable that sensitive data is but have put systems in place to protect it from beginning to end, you are more likely to build up a base of loyal customers who will promote your business for you.


Delivering Compliance

GDPR has brought in a lot of new rules around data protection, all of which your business has a legal obligation to comply with. Along with regulations around how to obtain and handle data while you’re using it, GDPR puts a lot of emphasis on the proper destruction of data. All sensitive information must be handled securely and destroyed in a confidential manner. Unfortunately, that means your average office shredder probably isn’t going to cut it. But using a shredding service (like ours) helps you achieve complete GDPR compliance without a lot of extra effort. And you even get a certificate after every shred to prove it!


Avoiding Identity Theft

It’s all too easy to piece together an identity from documents that aren’t safely disposed of. Key information, from payment details to a date of birth, home phone number and address can all be collected from trash documents. However, with a paper shredding process in place there is no opportunity for any of this information to be exposed, since it’s destroyed well before it gets to the point where it could be accessed by a third party.


Protect Your Business

It’s not just our customer’s data shredding protects. Your business holds a lot of sensitive data on your own business – from bank account details to invoice numbers, new product plans and more. That confidential data could be very useful to your rivals, or just some people looking to generate some quick income from information that gets into the wrong hands. The only safe way to make sure that this information doesn’t get into those hands is to destroy it properly when you’re finished – and that means shredding.


Improve Efficiency

Paper takes up a lot of room, often in expensive office space. That’s money you’re wasting, when it could be used for meeting rooms, product storage or other more useful purposes.  It’s a much more efficient use of resources to shred documents and media no longer required so there isn’t such a great need for storage. Not only does excessive document hoarding look unattractive and cost money to maintain but it could also be a fire risk. Shredding can also help to improve your eco credentials, as shredded waste can be recycled and reused, so reducing the impact that your organisation has on the world around.


At Greenaway, we are dedicated to helping business owners across the country understand their obligations under GDPR and improve their business processes. We provide a comprehensive shredding service, covering on-site and off-site shredding and the storage of documents, we can help you protect your business data from the moment it becomes obsolete to the moment it is destroyed. For more information, just get in touch with us today.