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Document Storage

When it comes to running a business the documents can pile up pretty quickly. And while you might be able to shred the ones you won’t need again after use, there will always be certain documents that you need to keep. But instead of cramming them all into the CEO’s desk drawers, or hiding it away in a cupboard, why not invest in some organised, secure document storage?

At Greenaway we don’t just take away all of your unwanted documents, we help you securely store the ones you want to keep. Whether you’re looking for a small office archiving system to store on your premises or a larger, comprehensive storage solution for an off-site warehouse or storage unit, we can help. Our professional office service includes decluttering and archiving, helping you to free up valuable office space and implement a system that works for everyone. No more scrambling around for documents and trying to figure out where things were left – our document storage services are designed to be simple, user friendly and space efficient. If all your business needs is a few labelled box files, we can organise and implement this. If you need a filing cabinet or even off site storage, we can arrange and manage this so you don’t have to.

During the archiving process we can remove any unnecessary documents and transform your office storage into a sleek, simple system that makes sense and doesn’t waste any space. Find all of your essential documents with ease with room to add more if you need to. Our unique document storage service helps you get organised and make the most of not only your office space, but your time as well.

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