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Be honest, what weird things have you considered putting through your shredder? Maybe you’ve spent hours staring longingly at that plastic drinks bottle, longing to put it through and just see what happens. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to re-enact the famous scene from Peep Show when Mark shreds slices of Christmas ham?

But while your at-home shredder might not be up to such ambitious tasks, industrial shredders are made of stronger stuff. And while we don’t usually encourage odd things to go through them, we know just how popular it is to see what a shredder can actually handle. So in the name of experimentation, we’re going to share with you a few things that you would never have thought could (or should) go through a shredder, and what it looks like when they do.


Raw Chickens Eggs

As YouTube channel zdm.v pointed out, eggs might be nice shredded on salad, but probably not once they’ve been through this machine! In their YouTube video they put a number of raw chickens eggs through a small industrial shredder. Unsurprisingly, it takes a while to take hold of them (given they are round with a smooth surface), but with a little encouragement (and breaking some shells with a knife), the eggs met their sticky end. And we imagine so did the shredder, given the mess it was in! Now, we’re not sure why you would ever want to shred an egg, but at least now you know what it would look like!


Fridges & Freezers

In a developing world where all sorts of devices are being ingrained with technology, this one is a lot more plausible in the very near future. Despite being a very large, heavy object, a fridge can be put through the mangles. At the moment this process is reserved for reducing old white goods into scrap metal, which can then be melted and reused in new products, but soon it will be a way to effectively destroy the data kept in your fridge. And while you may think a fridge shreds about as easily as an armoured tank, their insides are quite fragile, and it’s actually a pretty quick process.


A Volkswagen Bug

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a car shredded? Just like with fridges, cars can be shredded for scrap metal – usually once they have been stripped back for spare parts. But this case is a little different, as this company wanted to see how the iconic car would stand up to an industrial shredder. The result? Not very well at all! The poor bug was caught up in seconds, and within a minute or two the little car with the heart of gold was no more.


A Bowling Ball

So, what happens when you mix perfect, smooth surfaces with heavy weight, and put it into the mouth of a shredder? Turns out, flying pieces of bowling ball! The industrial shredding teeth did manage to get purchase on the bowling ball and gouge a hole out of it, before it continued rolling around as it would on the lane. A few minutes later and you have a bowling ball with a large hole and a few scratches. But with a little persuasion to stay in one place, even a super-tough bowling ball is no match for an industrial shredder.


So what was the point of this blog? To show you just how rugged industrial shredders are, and everything they can cope with. We often get asked if our shredders can really cope with some of the things we take in, including hard drives, computers and other large, tough items. At Greenaway we have a range of industrial shredders on site, each designed to tackle a number of different materials. So believe us when we say, if you need it shredding, we can do it. If you aren’t convinced, give us a call.