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We’re always looking for ways to boost productivity in the workplace, whether you work in an office or you’re an entrepreneur working from home. Productivity is crucial for success, but procrastination is enticing, and easily fed by workplace clutter and unorganised areas. Going paper-free can help boost your productivity levels; let us tell you how.


Step 1: Go Digital

It’s baffling that companies are still printing things and handing them out to their employees. Computers have been around a while now, and smartphones that can access the internet and use document viewers are fairly inexpensive. Some companies even give you a company phone or laptop.

Therefore, there is no real reason for things to be on paper. Even signatures can be digital and still legally recognised. Paper statements and invoices, pre-printed forms, printed letters – all of these things are mass printed. They use paper, which creates more demand from the paper industry, which means more damage to the environment as trees are cut down to meet that demand.

Any paper-based correspondence that you could need in business has an electronic alternative.


Step 2: Train Your Employees

Now that you’re doing everything electronically, you need to ensure that your employees understand how to create, send, and receive the documents they use during the day. Some of your employees may not be used to sharing platforms like Google Drive, so a crash course in electronic documents may be necessary.

Make it a part of their staff training, make it fun. Spend time with employees who seem to be struggling with the switch; especially your older employees, who may usually find it difficult to work from a computer.

Keep your IT team on call. Switching to paperless is going to be tasking for them, but it will be worth it.


Step 3: Utilise Technology

Once your systems have been updated and your staff are trained in electronic documentation and correspondence, it’s time to fully utilise the technology you have at your disposal. Sharing documents online via the Cloud will allow you and your employees to view, edit, and save in real time. Every member of a meeting could potentially see the same document and share their own notes during the meeting.

There are huge possibilities with online document sharing. It’s convenient, quick, and inclusive.

Each of your documents will be indefinitely stored and can be easily archived. Invoices and expenses paperwork can be immediately forwarded to the correct person and/or department. You can quickly book business trips online and immediately share the potential costs with your manager.


No more waiting around, a cleaner office space – and, above all, less security issues. Going paper-free means that there aren’t any potentially sensitive documents waiting to be found in a forgotten desk drawer. Every document is categorised online and can even be password protected away from prying eyes.

Paperless offices are more productive because they don’t have to spend large portions of their day waiting for forms to print and be signed. Everything can be done in just a few clicks.