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Hello and once again welcome to a bright, shining new year! Well, anything has to be better than 2016, right? But as we enter 2017, we invite you to take a look back over the last few years and tell us one thing – have you been as careful as you could be? Have you destroyed everything with a single scrap of personal or business data on it? Made sure no one could find the information on those client documents you threw away? For most people, the answer is not, and this has resulted in a surge of criminal activity and identity theft. So this year, take some steps to protect your business and your customers by implementing a shred-safe policy.


What Is A Shred-Safe Policy? 

A shred-safe policy is a policy within your business that related to how you handle and destroy data. From the moment it comes into your business, you have an obligation to protect the information in your care. Whether it be bank details, copies of passports or supplier information. The problem is that most businesses don’t have concrete policies for how this data should be handled and, more specifically, destroyed. We speak to hundreds of businesses who hoard information in filing cabinets and drawers, not knowing that they may be breaking data protection laws simply by still possessing that data after they are finished with it. Your shred-safe policy should include guidelines for how to handle documents, where they should be stored, how long for and how they should be destroyed. At Greenaway, we help business owners implement policies for confidential document storage and disposal, using 2 of our services to help them become compliant.


Secure Document Bins

Most businesses have a fairly good handle on where their documentation should be stored while it is needed, but when it is no longer useful, many don’t know what to do with it. So they opt to throw it in a recycling bin, or to tear it up and throw it away. The problem with this is that it can easily be fished out, reconstructed and used by someone else. That’s where our secure document bins come in. These bins are a secure, lockable unit lined with one of our replaceable shredding sacks. The units can only be accessed by those who have the keys, which for some businesses is only the shredding company who maintains them, this way no one can enter to retrieve documents. You can opt to have these shredding consoles emptied at any time, with no effort required from yourselves. Simply agree a schedule with us and we will come and empty the console, providing a new liner and locking it up again.


On-Site Shredding 

Once you have gathered your confidential documents together, either in your own bin bags or in one of our shredding units, it’s now time to destroy them. Now you could spend ours hunched over the office shredder, or you could opt for a more secure, simpler solution. Our on-site shredding services offer a secure way to destroy your documentation without it even leaving your premises. We provide a shredding truck, equipped with a state of the art shredding station, and feed the documents directly in. Our shredders are micro-cut grade, rendering your documents into tiny shreds the size of confetti before it is mixed in with every other document we have shredded on the run, making it impossible for anyone to reconstruct. You are then presented with a certificate of destruction, providing legal proof that you have upheld your obligations under the Data Protection Act.


At Greenaway, we are passionate about protecting your data. Our experts help business owners of all shapes and sizes understand their obligations and security risks, before providing a tailored and simple solution for them. For more information, just get in touch with one of our experts.