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Old IT equipment can be destroyed and recycled into new machines, instead of being thrown away

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IT Recycling

While paper might be the thing you produce most of, your IT equipment is the most important when it comes to removing data. It is notoriously difficult to remove data from a hard drive, but it is essential if you want to keep your information secure. But instead of hoarding your old computers, did you know they can be recycled and transformed into new ones? Our IT recycling and shredding service offers peace of mind to businesses who have old, out of date machinery but don’t know what to do with it. Our shredders can handle even the biggest, toughest computer casings, reducing your machines to shreds, making your data irrecoverable and providing new materials for the manufacturing process.

But many of the items businesses bring to us are perfectly serviceable, they simply need to be wiped clean of any trace of company data before they can be repurposed. Where we can, we will remove hard drives from computers so that only the shell remains. This means we can shred the hard drive, permanently destroying all data on it, and recycle or re-use the rest of the machinery. Sometimes the hard drive cannot be removed, or the equipment isn’t useable in its current condition. In those cases, we can shred the entire machine, reducing it to shreds and shards of metal and other components. These can then be transported to an IT recycling facility, who will separate them out, melt them down and turn them into new brand new machinery.

We make IT equipment disposal easy, safe and hassle free, by offering you complete traceability of your assets until disposal. We can provide you with video footage of asset disposal and a certificate of destruction as evidence of their secure disposal.

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