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Paperwork can be an absolute nightmare. For a lot of businesses, no matter what size, the daily and weekly paperwork is something that gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list as often as possible because, lets face it, it’s boring. But what’s worse than sorting through all of that paperwork and filing it all away is having to shred the massive pile of unneeded documents. That pile represents hours of work, with only finely shredded pieces as a reward. Sometimes it can be tempting to just throw the whole lot into the recycling bin and leave it at that – but this is one of the worst things you could possibly do for your business. Instead, let us show you how shredding services have been keeping your business safe and secure for years.


Confidential Information Is Kept Safe 

Think of the amount of personal or business data you give out every single day. From identification numbers to bank details and personal information on your employees – all of this information goes out to other people and businesses. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that your information wasn’t going to be wrongfully used, sold on or stolen? Everyone is concerned about their confidential information, which is why you should be putting a lot of effort into keeping your own, your customers and your supplier’s confidential information safe. That means destroying it once it has been used, and ensuring it is stored safely until that point. By using our secure shredding consoles you can store your unwanted paperwork in a secure lockable unit until it is ready to be shredded. When it is, our on or off site service will destroy your documents using the most efficient and secure shredding technologies, and provide you with a certificate of destruction afterwards for your, and your customers peace of mind.


Avoiding Fines The Easy Way

If you’re handling any sort of sensitive or confidential information within your business, you have certain responsibilities under the law. As a breakdown, every single business handles this sort of information in some way. This could be anything from staff payslips (even your own) to invoices with supplier bank details, customer credit card details or even passport numbers. As a business you are responsible for the secure use, storage and destruction of all of this information. Under the 7th principle of the Data Protection Act of 1988 a business must ‘take appropriate measures against accidental loss destruction or damage to personal data and against unauthorised or unlawful processing of the data.’ If you are found to be in breach of these regulations, either through inadequate results on a random inspection or through an actual data breach, you and your business could face unlimited fines and even jail time for the company directors. Employing a licensed shredding solutions provider such as ourselves ensures that you are taking reasonable and responsible measures with the destruction of your data – so all you have to worry about is the use and storage!


Decrease The Risk Of Human Error 

Over 40% of data breaches within a business are down to basic human error. This could be something as simple as someone attaching the wrong customer file to an email all the way to someone handing the wrong file to a clerk or putting a confidential document in with the standard recycling. While implementing a document shredding policy can’t reduce the margin of error online, it can stop simple mistakes with paperwork leading to serious data breaches. Confidential information about customers, suppliers, employees or other issues need to be printed by businesses on a day to day basis, but it’s what happens to that document once it has been used that presents the real risk. If confidential information is just left on an employee’s desk or dumped on an in tray marked ‘confidential’, there is every risk of someone walking through your office and stealing that information. If that happens, not only do you need to report a breach, but there is no telling what they could do with that information. Instead, install a secure console in your office where all confidential or sensitive documents an be stored prior to destruction. Your shredding professional will usually be able to supply you with these cabinets, and will come to your site as frequently as you need to destroy your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Hiring in a shredding professional to take care of your off or on site shredding needs is an easy step to take to improve your business security this year. Not only will you be completely compliant with government legislation, but it will also be a load off your mind, and one less menial job for you or your staff to do every week. So what’s stopping you from getting in touch today about your very own shredding solution?