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Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding is a useful option for those businesses doing a one-time clear out, or who are close in location to one of our national UK depots. Instead of having to spend hours bent over a shredder in the office, we can provide a comprehensive off-site shredding solution that will save you time, money and back pain!

Customers who opt to use out off-site shredding service can drop off their materials with one of our depots to be processed using our state of the art shredders. Alternatively, you can also arrange for us to collect your material from your premises and bring it to our shredding centre instead. We take the stress and strain out of secure document destruction by simply taking it off your hands, and placing a certificate of destruction in them instead.

Off-site shredding has many advantages- not least the added security that comes with a physical location. Because your paperwork and other materials will be brought to our shredding centres, you will be guaranteed the highest level of security that we can provide. There are no specially designed trucks involved, simply a curiour and a shredding professional. The documents shredded remains are all stored together in one large vat, along with thousands of other documents from other companies. This vat is constantly being mixed, so there is absolutely no chance that your document could be recreated or read. Once the vat is full the mixed documents are then transported to a nearby recycling facility, where they are repurposed into new paper materials. There is a lot less time required from you as a client in off-site shredding, simply drop off your documents (or have them collected), and receive your certificate of destruction later. If you want to be extra safe, we can even provide video footage of your documents being shredded and disposed of, so you know your documents have been securely destroyed for good.

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