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Our one-time clear out shredding service is the perfect solution for businesses who need a one-time, bulk shredding of sensitive documents

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One-Time Clear Out Shredding

We all need a good clear out once in a while. Our one-time clear out shredding service is the perfect solution for businesses who need a one-time or periodic bulk shredding of sensitive information. If you’ve been having a big clear out of your office filing cabinet or need to purge your storage space of unwanted documents, we can help you and take the stress of sorting away.

For Greenaway, no job is too big or too small. Whether you want to shred a few file boxes or a warehouse full of old, confidential files, our on-site shredding lorries can come to your location and destroy all unwanted documents quickly and efficiently. There is no need to transport your documents from one place to another, our mobile shredding lorries can come directly to you, making the process simple and painless.

Our one-time clear our shredding service is incredibly affordable, with no hidden fees or charges. Each of our plants has several mobile shredding vehicles ready to come out to you at any time of day. You do not need to sign a contract or commit to a long term shredding plan, simply pay for what you shred. You don’t even need to worry about investing time in taking out paperclips, staples and binders. Our state of the art shredding lorries can handle it all!

One we have completed your one-time clear out shredding, all of the resulting material is transported to a local recycling facility to be reused. At Greenaway we pride ourselves on recycling 100% of the materials we shred, so we not only help keep your business secure, we are good for the environment too.

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