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Well, 2016 is almost over, and most of us already have our sights set of making 2017 a bigger, better year. For us, that means a combination of talking to more business owners about their shredding solutions and praying that no more of our favourite celebrities leave us! But back to business. Paper is an interesting subject for 2017, because most businesses are desperately trying to get rid of it, and we have every intention of helping them along on that journey. So here are our 3 tips for getting rid of paper in your office next year.


Invest In A Digital Solution 

In the age of digital revolution, you can do almost anything electronically. That includes most of the paperwork you do. There are a lot of different solutions out there for digital workflow automation at all ends of the budget scale, so you really have no excuse not to be exploring this avenue. A digital workflow solution can help offices cut down on up top 40% of their paper use, and combined with a recycling program for their remaining paper, the 1st Century office should be as green as they come. With a digital workflow solution you can turn physical documents into electronic ones in seconds, allowing them to be worked on, signed, sent and viewed digitally instead of printed off dozens of times. Digital solutions can also encourage collaboration between team members, reduce waste and contribute towards your green initiatives.


Organise, File And Shred

A lot of paperwork can accumulate over the course of a year. Whether you’ve been trying to implement a system that just hasn’t worked or simply shoving it into a cupboard and pretending it’s not there – it will catch up to you eventually. So use some of your downtime, whether that’s in December or January, to get organised and on top of it all. While business is slow, pull out all of your paperwork and go through it methodically. Anything you can digitise for storage, get it scanned into the system. The documents you must keep physical copies of, file them away and put them in an appropriate storage system – for example an archive box or a small filing cabinet for those that require easy access. By the time you’ve done this and sorted everything into a logical system, you should have a rather large pile of waste paper, covered in confidential information. That’s when you should pick up the phone and call us. We can bring our mobile shredding vans to your office and destroy all of that paperwork on site, giving you peace of mind and your office back!


Get A Shredding System In Place

Now that you’re nicely organised and your digital systems are in place, you should be producing less waste paper. But no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to remove paper from the office environment completely. So now you need a way of keeping that paper level low and disposing of it in a safe and simple way. Our click and collect shredding services mean you can easily manage your waste paper disposal – simply put all waste paperwork in the shredding console we provide instead of your normal recycling bins. When it’s full, we collect it at a time to suit you and shred its contents using one of our secure mobile shredding vans, so your paperwork never leaves your property in one piece. We then replace the console and start the cycle all over again. It’s a simple, stress free way to manage your paper disposal.

For more information about our secure shredding services, or to find out how we can help you pack up the paper and run a cleaner, greener office in 2017, get in touch with our experts today for your free consultation.