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At Greenaway we offer a selection of shredding and archiving services to help your business stay secure and organised

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Our shredding services cover the secure destruction of almost any type of information out there. Paperwork, uniforms, film, x-rays, hard drives, USB’s, cardboard and even computers are all easy work for our robust shredding equipment. If you don’t want to bring your documents to us for destruction, then we come to you. Our mobile shredding equipment means that your documents don’t need to leave your premises before they are destroyed, allowing you complete control and ultimate efficiency. We can also provide customers with secure shredding consoles, bins, and sacks to store their documentation in-between visits, ensuring your documents are secure 24/7. Whether you need an ongoing shredding service or just want some help getting rid of the leftovers from a big project, we can help.



Greenaway offers a complete office decluttering and archiving service that includes shredding all unwanted papers, so you can get more for your money. Our professional de-clutterers will not only help top pull you out of the pile of paperwork, but make sure you don’t end up buried again. Our service will sort through your office from top to bottom, organising, archiving and destroying as we go. We can adapt our archiving service to include both physical and digital archiving, with the scanning of physical documents part of the service. If you are struggling to organize and structure your office, our team are here to help.



Greenaway are committed to helping businesses become as green as possible. Everything we remove from your offices through archiving, or through our shredding service is recycled to be reused again. This doesn’t just go for paper and cardboard. We also recycle office equipment, furniture, phones, computers and the general residual waste that offices tend to accumulate. By recycling the most from your business, we are helping your business be green and minimise your carbon footprint.


Residential Services

Of course, we don’t just deal with offices and businesses. Greenaway can also deal with the shredding needs of everyday residences. If you have just had a big clear out in your own home, or the home of a relative, you can be left with mountains of unneeded paperwork that holds sensitive information. Our shredding sacks can be used to gather your documents and hand them over to someone else to dispose of, saving you hours hunched over a shredder. Our machines can even handle CD shredding, and our experienced engineers can help remove hard drives for secure disposal.

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