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Shredding Consoles

At Greenaway, we understand that it can be difficult and costly to have someone come and collect your paperwork for shredding every day, especially if it isn’t that much. Sometimes it takes a week or two to build up enough paperwork to justify a collection. But the question then becomes, what do you do with the confidential documents to ensure they are safe and out of the way until collection?

userWe provide each of our customers with a secure wooden console (or more, if they need them) to deposit their documents into top await destruction. Many of these consoles are a lot like post boxes – with a slot to deposit the paper or materials into and a locked door for collectors. Our consoles are uniquely designed to take deposits from the side, leaving a smooth top that doubles as a work surface. We also supply bags or other sizes and designs of security consoles to match the requirements of all kinds of business and the materials they may need to destroy.

These units are the perfect solution for everyday, ongoing protection of your documents. Remove the temptation of throwing things in the bin for your employees, instead offering a secure location to dispose of paperwork so that it can be destroyed securely. Our shredding experts will arrange a schedule to empty your consoles and shred the contents that suits your needs. This means you can have a regular collection once every 2 weeks, but if you find you need them emptying sooner all you have to do is call.

But the best thing about our security consoles? They are completely free. No purchase charges and no rental fees either, we simply give you as many consoles as you need for the duration of your destruction contract with us. To find out more about our security consoles, or to order yours, give us a call today.

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