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Document destruction and secure shedding solutions keeps your customer and business data private, takes a big job away from your staff and ensures you are compliant with the Data Protection Act. But it also has some huge benefits for the environment that you might not even think about. Every piece of paper you have shredded through a shredding solution is recycled and used again as new paper. When choosing your shredding solutions partner, you should be thinking about the impact your choice will have on the environment, and how that shredding solution will help you save the planet.


Reduction In Land Fill Waste

Waste materials all eventually find their way to land fill sites, where the take up large amounts of land and produce many hazards to the environment and the health of local people and wildlife. Not reusing what we can just means that landfills fill up faster, and a lot of people still see recycling as a lot of effort. That’s why shredding solutions offer mobile shredding or collection services to encourage you to shred what you can. All materials sent for shredding are passed on to recycling plants and processed into other materials, preventing them from being sent to landfill.


Less Waste + More Recycled Paper = Saving Trees

It might sound like a cliché, but business who truly care about the environment will carefully consider every action they take. Shredding your paper waste not only gives you complete security and peace of mind, but it also has a big impact on the future of the planet. If you recycle all of the paper you use and buy recycled paper, less trees will need to be cut down in order to provide that paper. This has a knock on effect of leaving more trees to clean and filter the air and provide habitats to wildlife. A single piece of paper can be shredded, recycled and reused up to 7 times before its composition becomes too weak, so your choice to recycle and use recycled paper can have a real and visible impact.


Less Energy Needed

Not only will shredding and recycling your waste paper reduce the demand for lumbar, but it will also result in less energy being used in lumber mills. With demand for new paper lowered, less energy and water is needed to process new lumbar into paper, and less waste and pollution is produced. Per tonne, using recycled paper can reduce your company’s energy consumption by 65%, water by 58% and generates a staggering 60lbs less air pollution. When faced with those kinds of numbers, shredding and recycling paper makes a huge amount of sense for the environment.


When choosing your shredding solutions partner, you will find a variety of different reasons of initiatives for being ‘green’. While your primary motive might be to ensure the security of your confidential data, a secondary thought should also be given to how you can help protect the world we live in. For more information about the impact shredding has on the environment or to enquire about our green initiatives, speak to one of our team today.