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When we say ‘shredding’, most of you will be thinking of paper. And while paper makes up a large amount of our shredding intake, there are a few unusual items we take in as well. After paper and computer parts, the most popular item we take for shredding is old uniforms, particularly those with corporate logos sewn in. It might seem like an odd thing to shred a uniform when it could be given to someone in need or thrown away instead, but there are a few reasons you should always shred your old, out dated uniforms.



It might sound odd, but if your company uniforms fall into the wrong hands it can be a massive security risk to your staff, your business or even the general public. Your uniforms are a key way of identifying staff, and are the perfect way to a criminal to impersonate your staff members. With one of your old, discarded uniforms, a criminal could walk straight into your offices and gain access to confidential information, leaving you open to fraud and corporate identity theft, as well as a breach of data protection. For some sectors, uniform destruction is absolutely essential. While a corporate uniform will damage the business, criminals who gain access to police uniforms, security firm uniforms, emergency services uniforms or even military uniforms often have more sinister purposes in mind. That’s why uniform destruction is such an important security choice for your business.


Environmentally Friendly

Like almost everything that can be shredded, your uniforms can also be recycled. Instead of taking your old uniforms to landfill, or worse donating them to a charity (see the above point) uniform shredding provides you with a cheap and eco friendly way to dispose of worn out or out dated uniforms. All textiles taken in are securely shredded and then recycled, and used to make clothes for general sale. When shredding uniforms, most firms will ensure that any company logos, personal information or corporate information on the garments is destroyed, and cannot be used or reconstructed in any way. Shredding your old uniforms allows your company to make their contribution towards ‘being green’, and the results will go towards the manufacture of new clothing.


Is It Just T-Shirts?

In most companies, the uniform is mainly comprised of a t-shirt or shirt bearing the company logo. In some cases, like police uniforms, it’s the whole outfit, which makes for more material to be disposed of. But it’s not just the textiles you should be careful with. ID badges are another aspect of uniform that should be securely destroyed when no longer needed, particularly when the holder has a position of power or access. ID badges worn by security firms, sporting clubs and even rail officers should all be shredded and appropriately disposed of when they are invalid. The same goes for other branded articles like hats, tool belts and even shoes. If some of these items fell into the wrong hands the consequences could be severe, so it’s always better to not take the risk.


So the next time your business has a brand overhaul, or just needs to dispose of a uniform after a member of staff leaves, don’t just bin it, shred it! If you don’t have the facilities to shred the uniforms yourself, why not get in touch today and enquire about our cheap and reliable uniform shredding service?