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Despite the fact that today most of our transactions are completed online, businesses still produce an enormous amount of paper waste. In fact, the business community in the UK alone produces over 20 million tonnes of paper every year, with around 85% of that waste being recycled. But the remaining 15% is all confidential, business based paperwork which has not been destroyed, and is instead sitting in a landfill as rich pickings for eager data thieves. Bank statements, employee payslips, contracts and supplier forms are just a few of the documents containing valuable and highly confidential information that are sent to landfill every single day, all because it is easier to throw something in the bin than put it through the shredder.


At Greenaway, our mission is to increase that percentage of recycled paper as much as possible. We do that by offering a range of flexible, affordable services that help your business recycle more, generate less paper and stay secure doing it. That’s why we not only offer a secure shredding service, but also destruction services for computers, hard drives, uniforms and any other form of confidential data. For office based businesses, we developed an office cleaning, de-cluttering, and archiving service to reduce the amount of paperwork and admin you need to deal with on a daily basis. We are passionate about 2 things – security and the environment, and these 2 things are at the core of each and every service we offer. Because we are so invested in making shredding and security as easy for you as possible, you will not find a simpler solution to your destruction and archiving needs.

Greenaway remains local and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Each Greenaway branch is quality assured and compliant to all ISO standards, ensuring you will always get the same outstanding levels of service and security no matter where you go. Our team are flexible around your security and shredding needs and using our diverse range of services and products they can build the solution that is right for you. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our locations and get in touch with a local branch to see just how easy it is to start your green shredding journey.

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