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Over the past few years, the number of businesses handling their own shredding requirements. This isn’t because shredding has ‘gone out of fashion’ – it’s because more and more businesses are choosing to outsource this monotonous but still essential business tasks to professional shredding services. But why is this, and why should the businesses who are handling shredding in-house consider making the switch this year?


Ensures Secure Document Disposal

Disposing of confidential information in the most secure way possible is incredibly important for businesses in this day and age. Not only does GPDR state you need to do this, but with data thefts on the rise, a breach could mean your business goes under in a matter of days. Confidential documents often become vulnerable when employees are handling internal shredding – giving them access to documents and data they might not otherwise see. This is a significant risk point – and one that can be negated by using a professional service.


Increased Business Efficiency

A professional shredding service is set up to manage the process quickly and efficiently. In-house this is simply not be the case and it make take two or three times as long to remove staples, shred, deal with the confidential waste etc. Plus, if you’re asking employees to handle shredding you are reducing the amount of time they will spend on what they are actually being paid to do.


It’s A Secure Process

Security is a big concern for many businesses, and when you’re handling your shredding in house there are a lot of things to worry about. For example, the process of shredding might be done carelessly or haphazardly by a bored or distracted employee, or with out of date equipment that leaves data vulnerable. A lack of precaution over handling shredding waste means it can end up in the wrong hands – like those of criminals who are happy to go dumpster diving.


It’s A Green Process

If you’re making an effort to go green as a business, you need to use a professional. From the energy that shredders use to the lack of access to a proper recycling facility, it’s rarely the most environmentally friendly option to shred things in-house. Working with a professional shredding service means that your document waste is fully recycled, using a process that is more energy efficient than simply doing it in the office. So sustainability = professional services.


Auditable Chains Of Custody

It’s difficult to prove transparency or chain of custody when it comes to data management – but thanks to regulations like GDPR it’s a necessity. Working with a professional shredding partner will give you a fully traceable, auditable document destruction programme, including a full chain of custody, for all physical data. This meets your obligations under GDPR and means you are in control of what happens with sensitive information within your business, with accountability recorded at every stage.


Lowers Investment

Shredders might seem cheap at the outset, but they are noisy, and they can get expensive very quickly. If you choose to shred in house, your business will need to make an investment in good equipment upfront, along with ongoing maintenance and repairs. Not only that, but having shredders running in the office all the time can make an unpleasant working environment, creating dust and noise that could ultimately drive employees away – meaning you would need to invest even more in staff turnover. By outsourcing your shredding service you remove all of this overhead, and instead [ay a much smaller fee each time you need them. And you don’t have to manage the equipment or deal with the shredding process itself – it’s a win-win.

At Greenaway, we specialise in helping businesses manage their document disposal process, complete with full shredding service. So instead of leaving your employees hunched over a shredder for hours a day, you can simply install one of our secure lockable units and place all documents for shredding inside it. a representative will collect the contents at a time that suits you and securely destroy them at our premises or yours. If you would like more information, just get in touch with us today.