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Greenaway is your simple solution for a cleaner, greener office.

Every year, enough paper is thrown into landfill sites to build a 12-inch wall from New York to California. That paper will never be recycled, but more importantly, could contain valuable business information that could cause chaos if it fell into the wrong hands. So rather than throwing your old paperwork away, take the safer, eco-friendly option and shred it.


Document Shredding

Shredding all of the documentation your business produces in-house is a time-consuming nightmare, but Greenaway are here to help. Our flexible on or off site shredding services guarantee confidential destruction of almost any material, from paper documentation to old uniforms, film, hard drives and even entire computers. No matter what form your confidential data is in, we can ensure it is kept confidential until it is completely destroyed.

Office Clear-outs

Greenaway also offers a unique office clearing and archiving service. Thinking of going paperless? Let us take care of the sorting, filing, archiving and destruction for you. Our experts can turn a messy office into a clean and organised space free of clutter, with a coordinated archiving system in place for future use. Anything we remove from your office is authorized before being sent to our secure shredding facility for disposal, keeping your business green the easy way.

Secure & Eco-Friendly

At Greenaway, your documents can be shredded on site in one of our mobile shredding vehicles, or we will transport your documents in a security tracked vehicle to one of our shredding centres for safe disposal. After shredding, you will receive a certificate of destruction to prove your documentation was legally destroyed. Plus, our eco-friendly recycling and reuse policies will ensure your carbon footprint is minimized and your business stays green.

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