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34 million tons of paper is thrown into landfill every year, but it doesn’t have to

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Paper Recycling

Despite the efforts of thousands to get us recycling more, every year, enough paper is thrown into landfill sites to build a 12-inch wall from New York to California. That’s 34 million tons. In a total of 250 million tons of landfill waste, paper made up a shocking 34%. While every effort is being made to encourage people and businesses to recycle more, poor recycling habits, lack of awareness and a limited collection infrastructure mean that this number will likely stay the same for years to come. But that doesn’t mean your business has to send all of its paper waste to landfill.

At Greenaway we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly, green company, which a huge emphasis on protecting the environment. That’s why 100% of then materials we shred are recycled. We have partnerships with hundreds of local recycling plants across the country to deliver and process all of our paper waste. Paper recycling is a huge part of our business, and it is our way of helping your business make the switch from wasteful to green.

One of the ways we encourage paper recycling is by installing our secure shredding consoles into office spaces. By using one of these consoles, every piece or scrap paper (even if it doesn’t contain confidential information) can be taken away, destroyed, processed and recycled by us, with absolutely no effort on your part. Greenaway is the most cost effective and stress free way to implement a paper recycling policy within your workplace, and actually stick to it. Just fill up your console, call us when it’s ready and we will do the rest.

For more information on our paper recycling policies, or to find out what happens to your paper on its journey to becoming new, get in touch with us today.

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