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On-Site Shredding

Our on-site shredding services are by far the most popular option for busy business owners who want to know that their sensitive documentation has been completely destroyed. Rather than sending your documents to one of our locations, we will send a mobile shredding lorry to your premises, where it can shred all of your documents immediately and in your presence.

On site shredding is so popular largely because it is quick and convenient. Rather than having an employee spend 8 hours hunched over the shredder, or having the collect and drive your shredding to a centre, on-site shredding services come to you. All you need to do is store your documents in a secure shredding sacks or console (usually provided) until your collection date. On your collection date our mobile shredding unit will arrive, collect the sacks from your office, replace them with empty ones and feed the documents into the shredding lorry.

The documents placed into our mobile shredding vehicles are put through the highest quality, most secure shredding machinery there is, and are reduced to particles that could never be reconstructed or read. An added bonus is that you can watch all of this happening, so you can have absolute confidence that your documents have not been intercepted read or stolen. Simply destroyed in the most complete way possible. You are then provided with a certificate of destruction to confirm this fact legally. When the shredding vehicles are full, they deliver the shredded paper to a recycling plant to be reused as new paper products.

Using a professional on-site shredding service isn’t just a cost-effective measure, it’s also the perfect way to ensure your business is secure and your data cannot be used again, maliciously or otherwise. It protects your clients, employees and supplier’s information while releasing your team from the arduous task of shredding mountains of paperwork. For more information about our on-site shredding services, or to book your own visit form our mobile shredding vehicle, get in touch today.

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