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Secure destruction of digital data is possible, thanks to our data destruction service

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Secure Data Destruction

Data is everywhere now, and it sometimes seems like it’s impossible to ever permanently delete anything. But secure data destruction is possible, it just happens to require a bit more brute force than hitting the delete key.

When you are looking to decommission computer equipment, you need to make sure that all sensitive data has been removed or destroyed before the machine is disposed of or recycled. This is the only way you can be sure that no one else can get their hands on your data. After an American university discovered that they could extract over 5,000 credit card records, social security numbers and confidential medical records from 280 recycled, formatted hard drives, many people are now being more careful with their outdated computers!

At Greenaway we can help you remove the hard drive component from your machinery, which will remove all of the data from the computer. You are then free to sell, reuse or destroy (we do this bit) the computer, without worrying about any data that might be left on it. Instead, we take the hard drive full of data and shred it using our secure, professional equipment. Our shredders can reduce your hard drive to microscopic shreds, leaving no trace of any data behind. If you want to destroy the machine as well, our shredders can handle that too.

We can carry out secure data destruction at one of our many national locations, or we can use one of our mobile shredding units to come to your premises and destroy your data in front of you. With both options, you are given a certificate of destruction to act as evidence that the secure shredding and disposal has taken place, and we can even provide you with a video of your units behind destroyed if requested.

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