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Companies can produce a lot of clutter during their standard working day; imagine what can build up in a file room by the end of the year. File rooms are were documents go missing, more often than not, and they aren’t pleasant places to be. No matter how much you organise, it will always seem like nothing is where it is supposed to be. This makes paperwork the bane of any employee’s job.

However, there is an easy solution to your paperwork problem. Your document management system may keep most of your paperwork under control, but what about those outdated or irrelevant whitepapers floating around? How do you organise unnecessary papers?


Shredding paperwork is the quickest and easiest way to manage your old paperwork. Start by clearing out old papers and organising your office space. This can make your office feel tidier and cleaner, and it will certainly impress the higher-ups when they come calling. If there are any loose documents lying around, this is the time to get them all together. Make a note of what each of these documents are and organise them into piles that can then be put in boxes.

You should have separate piles for old documents which are over five years old and no longer needed, as well as documents that are no longer relevant to the business. This includes old employee files of people that don’t work for the company anymore. There are, of course, certain papers that you should keep hold of; such as files that are pertinent to business partnerships and legal contracts.

Using A Shredding Service

Remember to make use of shredding services from reputable companies if you do find that you have a large number of sensitive documents. This is because improper disposal of sensitive documents can lead to a range of issues, some of which could cause financial repercussions or acts of fraud.

A document destruction service will ensure that your documents are monitored as they’re shredded, and then the paper will also be recycled. So not only would you be helping your business, you’d also be helping the environment! Shredding services also save you time and man power, because the last thing your company wants to do is have one of your employees spending their working day shredding documents until the shredder gives out.

What To Shred

It isn’t just your documents that need to be shredded, receipts and invoices need to go, too. As we’ve already mentioned, if a document is no longer relevant to current business practices and it’s older than five years, then it should be shredded. Receipts include bank details and sometimes signatures, as well, and invoices include a lot of financial information.

Ultimately, shredding saves space. An office without unneeded paperwork will have more room to move and breathe. With today’s available programs, most documentation doesn’t need to have a paper copy of the information contained within its file. Shredders are friends to any corporate office, big or small.

At Greenaway, we specialise in helping businesses save space in their offices and storage units by shredding the documents they no longer need to keep. Once the bulk shredding is done, we can then install shredding consoles in your office to store sensitive information you no longer need, without it clogging up your storage. For more information, just get in touch with us today.