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Hello world, an welcome to our fresh new website! It’s been a long time coming, but finally the Greenaway group has had a refresh, a revamp and now we’re here to take the shredding world by storm! This blog might be a bit shorter than usual, but we want to take the time to show you around, give you the tour and encourage you to see all the fab new services we have to show off.


Take The Virtual Tour

First off, we have a swanky new video on our homepage. The video (which you can also watch on YouTube here) gives you an insight into how Greenaway works – from our mobile shredding trucks to secure document storage bins. The videographers followed our collections team for a few days on their runs, capturing exactly what happens during a bin collection and just how little it impacts your business. Then you get an inside look into how we transfer all of that paperwork into a larger bin and feed it into a mobile shredding truck ( we even let you peek inside as it’s all shredded!). Then follow us back to the depo as we unload, sort and pack the shreddings into bales, ready to be shipped off to a recycling plant to be made into things like toilet paper, hand towels and, you guessed it – more paper! If you’ve been wondering what we get up to all day, this is 2:41 worth spending.


Our New Services

Now we know our last site was a bit… lacking in information, particularly when it came to what we did. You might have got ‘we do shredding’, but probably not more than that. So now, we’ve broken all of our services down onto their own pages, so we can explain fully exactly what each process is and how it might benefit you. In case you don’t have time to read them all now, they are:



For most of these services, they do what they say on the tin, but many of our newer customers didn’t realise we offered them. The fact is that our industrial shredding machines could tackle a full sized fridge freezer without breaking a sweat, so they are perfectly capable of dealing with anything smaller that needs to be destroyed securely. So when you think of destroying anything in your business, think Greenaway.,p/>

That’s it from us today – just a short update to shout about our new website. We would love to hear what you think and any questions you have, so please do get in touch with the team, or pop in for a chat if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.