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Have you ever thought about what goes on inside a shredding facility? The answer is probably not, but the answers might surprise you. Our shredding facilities handle thousands of tons of paper, computer equipment and fabric every single day, and the way we deal with these vast quantities can be quite fascinating. 

Our Shredding Facilities 

As you would expect, each of our shredding facilities is located in a large warehouse space. Each one has a delivery area for customers to drop off their sacks of items to be destroyed, as well as an area for our collection crew to drop the bags they have collected from our customer’s secure storage consoles. Our crews are out collecting from these most days, and will visit a customer to empty their console as often as they need. Once the bags arrive they are sorted into types and taken to their respective machinery for destruction. It’s surprising to a lot of people that we don’t just shred paper. We have a few machines dedicated to shredding paper, as this is the most common and heavily needed area, but we also have machines specifically designed to tackle hard drives, computers, packaging materials and even fabric. These machines are being fed almost constantly, and the result is a lot of noise and mess! Our state of the art shredders start off with a heavy duty cross cut, before moving on to finer shredding to eliminate the possibility of document tampering or reassembly at any point. By the end, all material comes out in tiny pieces, unrecognizable as what they once were.

We also have a recycling department, which handles the sorting, sending and recycling of all sorts of materials. Because we offer such a comprehensive service, we can help you get your entire office cleared out on a weekly basis by taking your recycling at the same time. Again we provide office recycling bins free of charge, and we can tackle mixed waste as well as pure recycling in our facilities. When we shred paper into tiny pieces, these pieces are compacted into cubes and sent for recycling as well, to be made into new paper based products at manufacturing plants. In other words, it’s a win-win for you and the environment.

On top of all of all this, we also have our fleet of mobile shredding trucks. 

Mobile Shredding

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with using mobile phones to shred your documentation. Sadly the world hasn’t evolved that far yet! But what it does mean is that not all of our shredding is done at our secure shredding facility. Some customers prefer their shredding to take place on their premises, rather than be taken away to our factory. This is sometimes just due to the sheer volume they have to shred, or because they want to witness the destruction of the documents themselves. To cater to this need, mobile shredding services were invented. Large trucks were kitted out with specialized heavy duty shredding equipment and reinforced rear holds, so they can be used to ‘shred on the go’. These are essentially mini versions of the equipment at our main facility, and are just as powerful. The bonus with this service is that not only will your documents be shredded in the most efficient and secure way possible, but there is no chance that they could possibly be reassembled after destruction. This is because as well as your documents being shredded into a fine crumb texture, these tiny shreddings are then mixed with the shreddings of other businesses in the back of the lorry. This mixing ensures that your documents can never be put back together, and that they will be safe when being transported back to the main facility. With a of our destruction services we will provide you with a legal certificate of destruction to prove the shredding has taken place.

And there you have it! In reality, our shredding procedures are really quite straightforward, but it’s ultimately the value it brings to your business that is important. Our services are often inexpensive, and cost you very little in the way of time as well. It sure beats sitting over an office shredder for a few hours every Friday anyway!